SPEED OF LIGHT is a travelling scale model of the solar system where you can walk from the earth to the sun at the speed of light.
The light from the sun takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach the earth. Built at a sale 1:270.000.000 you can take the same time walking from the earth to the sun at 4 KM/h (walking speed) following a 555m LED path.

SPEED OF LIGHT was first realized in 2016 during the Amsterdam Light festival. It is an immersive sculpture, but also funtions as a scenography for performance arts, music and parades. Every day people could make the 555m walk with headphones following a mythological or scientific story about the sun, mercury venus, the earth and the moon, and get familiar with our cosmic neighbourhood. 

The project was first imagined to be exhibited at the Oerol theater festival in Terschelling, an island in the north of the Netherlands. The vastness of the surroundings and the lack of lighpolution seemed like the perfect conditions to host this installation.  

A series of illustrations was made for a crowdfunding campaign made fo financing the first edition in Amsterdam. 


Versailles is the palace of th Sun King. By coincidence the distance between the two central fountains is exactly 555 meters. The sculpture of the sun would fit above the sculpture of Apollo, the greec Sun god, and the sculpture of the earth would fit in the hand of Latonne, who at the other end of the great perspective is asking Zeus for help being chasted after by giant frogs and lizards. The moon would be circling around her, next to a sculpture of Artemis, the godess of the moon.

Versailles is built at the beginning fo our scientific era. In the beginning of the 17th century the first attempts were made to calculate the speed of light. We find ourselves in a pivital point in history of our civilisation: From a traditional society rooted in mythology and religion to the modern scientific society of today. Maybe they do not need to contradic each other and maybe we can learn to appreciate the best of both worlds.

On these slides is visible how the scale of the projects overlaps perfectly with the great perspective of Versailles.