SONGS TO THE EARTH is a short movie exploring the notion of “The great conversation” of Tomas Berry. This is the conversation between “humanity and everything else”.
To make this conversation possible the natural world (as it is in almost all mythologies) is personified. Instead of “Mother Earth” humanity is here seen to have grown up from a dependent child to an adult man.
In this story Humanity is depicted as being the Earth’s lover.
Their relationship is going through a crisis. During a session of couple counseling they are able to open up to each other about the frustration they are experiencing on both sides. We address not only the abuse the earth is suffering from but also the injustices and sense of helplessness and indifference humanity experiences on the part of the earth.

The session of couple counseling is followed by a collage of the documentary “HOME” by Arthus Bertrand, and love songs from Lenny Kravitz, Brian Eno and Frank Sinatra.

The lyrics of the songs here are not referring to a woman but to our planet the earth on behalf of all of Humanity.

We are here invited to reflect on our shared relationship with the earth. Are we an invasive species or a plague? Does the earth care about us? Does the universe care? Or are we one and the same, talking to ourselves?

The only way to find out is to take part in “The great conversation”. In order to do this we need to invent a new language, appropriate to our knowledge of the world today:  A new Mythology.