Chapter 2:  Zeus and the power of the Thunder.

One year after Socrates's death Phaedo, Echecrates, Plato and a time-traveler from 2019 come together to commemorate Socrates's life and legacy Cosmo, the time traveler has just revealed his true identity. He proceeds to try to explain our modern world in 4 steps during 3 consecutive nights:Chapter 2: Zeus and the thunder, modern technology Chapter 3: Apollo the sun, modern agriculture and Artemis the moon, spaceflight and the moon landing Chapter 4: Hades and the underworld, modern medicine.Chapter 1, 3 and 4 are still in the making.

Chapter 3: Apollo and the power of the Sun. 

In this Chapter Cosmo goes on to explain modern agriculture, worldwide shipping and even air and spaceflight to ancient Greec philosophers in the time of Socrates. He tries to best explain to them using metaphors of their world.