Caspar Noyons (1988) is a Dutch/French artist based in Amsterdam. After completing his Bachelors degree in architecture at the TU Delft he established his own art practive working on drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and video.

My artworks have one common goal of “Mythologizing Science”. As an artist I look at science with the eyes of a poet, and I want to let these great facts of science speak to us metaphorically. I want them to become alive and tell us more about who we are and where we come from. This is a work of translating fact into story by giving it meaning. It is not science anymore but a kind of byproduct of these great discoveries which will become something we can emotionally connect and identify with both as individuals and as a society. In these shared experiences, the birth and death of stars, the evolution of life and the formation of mountains and oceans becomes part of our collective story, our collective identity. 

Non-western art is especially inspiring to me in this endeavor. To me artists are the mythmakers, storytellers, shamans: Partly disengaged with society and able to look how our world and our life from a distance to see how it all fits into a larger whole. We are taking part in what Tomas Berry called “The great conversation”: The conversation between humanity and everything else.

As I am trying to retell this great timeless story of mythology I am also greatly inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell and his extensive study of comparative mythology and religion. The more I study mythologies the more I am amazed to see how poetry, music, architecture, painting and sculpture is working not for its own sake but together to create a transformative experience. I think our society is greatly missing out on such experiences and it is the job of artists to provide them in a language of today.