The Fourth plinth is the northwest plinth in Trafalgar Square in London. It was originally intended to hold an equestrian statue of William IV, but remained bare due to insufficient funds. For over 150 years the fate of the plinth was debated until in 1998, when three contemporary sculptures were displayed temporarily on the plinth. Since 2003 a new sculpture is commissioned to stand on the plinth every 18 months. 

In this work I’ve imagined a small landscape taking us back to the way Trafalgar Square might have looked 30.000 years ago. This is the time around which humans reached England for the first time, not yet seperated from the European continent due to lower sea levels.

A man sits near a campfire which will flikkering campfire lighting the scene during the night. A child stands on a boulder. A woman with a baby in her arms looks on to the horizon, maybe calling the 3rd child to join them for dinner. Or maybe she is actually seeing into the future, gazing down on her legacy, their world, their family as they would live 30.000 years from now.

As in my other work I am interested in imagining what a fully develloped scientific mythology would look like in our modern world. It would be a culture where the question of our identity and our origin is not posed in abstract terms but directly informed by the knowledge we actually have about these questions. However artists will be able to visualise this knowlegde and enable an emotional visceral reaction. Here we look up to our ancestors. We can feel guilty like a child who has misbehaved. We can understand everything around us now is man made. The city as our modern artificial landscape. How would we explain our lives and our world to our first great grandmother?
I believe in the future we will reinvent a cult of our ancestors going back to the earliest single celled organisms. This is where we come from but how do we give it meaning? How do we embrace it and celebrate it? This is a job for the artsts - mythmakers of the world of tomorrow.

Different submissions for the 4th plinth since 2003.